Trucking Difficulties in Arizona

GoDrivers 360

January 11, 2023


In 2023, headwinds are expected to continue for trucking in Arizona. Here are the good and the bad we expect to see in the upcoming year. 

Freight Demand to Normalize in Arizona

As the economy levels out from the spike in consumer demand after Covid-19, we’re currently seeing a dip in consumer demand. In the trucking industry, this is being felt by a decrease in driver recruitment. While this drop may characterize the first few months of 2023, recruiting is expected to increase by summer. 


Prices Affecting Independent Drivers

In 2022, there was an increase in independent drivers seeking to profit from the boost in demand. Now that the economy is regulating and an increase in fuel prices is expected, these drivers will likely experience some downfalls. This may lead to larger trucking companies enveloping some of the smaller competitors, but it’s not clear how the economy will affect this possibility. This situation is creating uncertainty in the trucking industry, and Arizona is no exception. 

Rise in EVs

In other states, like California, 2023 will see the adoption of electric vehicle regulations on big rigs. While this isn’t a legislative reality for Arizona, it may be in the state’s future. This, combined with interstate driving, means that there will be an increase in EVs nationwide in the trucking industry. This expense will come at the company’s cost but could save you from scrambling to electrify your fleet in the future. 

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