What Happens to Speeding CDL Drivers?

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January 25, 2023

What Happens To Speeding CDL Drivers?

For drivers with a regular license, traffic violations are usually straightforward. But what happens when you have a Commercial Driving License (CDL)? Traffic violations can threaten your livelihood. Knowing what will happen if a CDL holder gets a speeding ticket is essential. Regulations change from state to state and with the context of the violation, but some consequences are more general. Let’s consider…

Speeding in a Personal Vehicle

Any time commercial drivers are pulled over can threaten their CDL, even if they are speeding in a personal vehicle. Generally, a CDL holder ticketed for speeding in a private car will likely receive a fine and/or points on their driver’s license. If the offense is more severe, they could face jail time and/or have their commercial license suspended. 

In some states, you may have the option to attend traffic school in exchange for the ticket hitting your record. You may also be able to get a reduced violation in court. These options, however, shouldn’t be relied on to get you out of trouble. Multiple violations in a short period can be grounds for suspending your CDL, even if you only speed in your personal vehicle. 

Speeding in a CMV

When a speeding CDL driver is caught speeding in a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV), there are more severe consequences. Generally, any speeding violation over the posted speed limit can result in fines, points on their driving record, or even immediate suspension of their commercial license. In some states, a speeding violation could also lead to other penalties, such as mandatory traffic safety classes. If a CDL holder has multiple moving violations in a short period, they may be subject to even harsher penalties. 

What Should a Speeding CDL Holder Do?

If you receive a ticket for speeding, it is crucial to take the necessary steps to ensure that your license remains valid and that you don’t face any further penalties. Depending on the severity of the violation, your state may require you to pay a fine, attend a driving school, or complete an approved defensive driving course. 

Additionally, your employer may require you to complete additional training or take corrective actions. Taking the necessary steps to address the violation promptly will help you avoid further consequences.

Steps an Employer Should Take

Employers of commercial drivers should take speeding seriously and address the issue with their employees immediately. Communicating the importance of following the speed limit and explaining the risks associated with speeding is essential. Employers should also explain how speeding will reflect poorly on their organization and could lead to hefty fines and other penalties. If the employee continues to speed, it may be necessary to take disciplinary action, such as suspending the employee or even terminating their employment. 

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