3 Fall Driving Tips [CDL Truck Driver Edition]

GoDrivers 360

September 29, 2021

3 Fall Driving Tips (2)

For many working Americans, weather conditions do not affect their work, but that is not the case for CDL drivers. At GoDrivers360, with our years of experience working with truck drivers, we’ve learned that a season change comes with drivers having to adjust to weather changes as well. Keep on reading to learn about 3 fall season tips for new and experienced CDL drivers!

  1. Changing Weather Conditions

In many parts of the U.S., the change from Summer to fall means temperature drops! You can expect to have chilly mornings, but it is important to note that roads are likely to be wet and damp.

Coupling the wet roads with the falling leaves could be a recipe for a slippery hazard. Make sure you slow down on turns and keep a reasonable distance between you and cars because the combination of wet roads and leaves could lead to severe accidents

  1. Watch for Children and Wildlife

Many kids are headed back to school, which means they’re more likely to be out and about. When driving in neighborhoods and near schools, keep an eye out for any kids running around and make sure to go the designated speed limits at all times. 

Fall is a busy time for wildlife, especially for deer! Deer are known to be active during this time because it’s peak breeding season for them. As a best practice, proceed slowly and note that they’re most active during early mornings and around sunset.

  1. Fall Season = Harvest Season

Don’t be surprised if you see an influx of farmers out on the road on their tractors! Keep an eye out, and be sure to slow down at a good pace to avoid any accidents. Be patient and wait to pass them when the moment presents itself safely, as hard as it may be.

As you make your way out on the roads this fall season, know that our team at GoDrivers360 will wish you a safe journey! We hope that these tips were helpful reminders of what to expect as this new season starts.

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