3 Transportation Careers to Explore [Truck Driver Edition]

GoDrivers 360

September 7, 2021

3 Transportation Careers to Explore (2)

The transportation industry is continuing to grow and offers different career opportunities for all levels! It was fantastic to see that the transportation sector got well-deserved attention during the height of the pandemic because they were essential during lockdown! Are you interested in a career in the truck driving sector? Let’s explore your options! 

Truck Driving Careers:

CDL Drivers

To drive certain commercial motor vehicles in the United States, the federal government requires drivers to possess a commercial driver’s license (CDL). These licenses, however, are not all created equal. The different types of CDL classifications are Class A, Class B, and Class C.

Each CDL classification is distinguished by the vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), among other items. Note, depending on the CDL classification you apply for will strictly determine the type of vehicle you are allowed to drive and which endorsements you may be required to obtain. For more information on how to get your CDL license, click here.

Delivery Drivers

Also known as a courier, a delivery driver picks up and drops off goods. A pizza delivery person could be considered a delivery driver, but for GoDrivers360, we hire delivery drivers within the logistics sector. 

This could be the perfect job for a job seeker who doesn’t like sitting at a desk for 8 hours! As a delivery driver, you’ll be able to get a change of scenery while making deliveries and even get the opportunity to interact with customers!

Truck Driver Supervisor

According to Salary.com, a truck driver supervisor oversees the following: transportation of any/all cargo, the loading and unloading of company vehicles, and the scheduling of the truck drivers and their routes. As a truck driver supervisor, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that your team under you was prepared with the proper tools to have a safe and timely trip. It’s important to note that employers almost always require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in this position.

At GoDrivers360, we are actively hiring truck drivers! If you’re interested, visit our job board at jobs.GoDrivers360.com to check out all of our open positions.