How a Salary Guide Will Help You Retain Employees

GoDrivers 360

February 14, 2023

Image of employers counting and managing money for a salary guide

Salary guides are incredible resources to have for your company during hiring, raise consideration, and when having to decide on layoffs or demotions. The guides include the local pay ranges for every position at your company and are usually updated yearly. Here’s how these resources can help to save you money. 


Helps Set a Starting Salary 

When hiring, a salary guide can be a resource to help you decide on a budget for each role that is competitive but works for your company. Having a budget before starting the hiring process can ensure that the initial offer to your application is in the range your company can offer while still guaranteeing a profit. 

Reference During Negotiations

Hiring negotiations are becoming more common for those who are offered a job. Having a budget can help, but having a salary guide on hand can give you an easy justification for your reasons. It can also be a good resource for the candidate, as they can get a perspective on your expectations for the position’s pay. 

A Salary Guide Can Help You Strategize Raises

When planning raises for your team, it’s essential to have a strategy behind them. While you should consider how long your employee has been with the company and the quality of work they do, you should also consider the pay range for their position in the area. Keep their wage competitive while not well over industry standard without the merit to do it. 

Tailored to Your Location

When considering what to pay someone, it’s essential to have your local pay ranges rather than national averages, primarily if you are based outside a major city. Urban centers can hike the national pay averages and hurt your profits in the long run. Your location also decides the other expenses of your business. 

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