How to prep your workforce for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

GoDrivers 360

October 27, 2022

Prep for Black Friday & Cyber Monday (2)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are always the most stressful days of the year for employees. Here are some tips to help you prepare your workforce for the holiday season. 

Ensure that you are well staffed

To take pressure off your workforce during the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday rush, keep a strong and clear schedule in place for all your employees. Make sure that you have enough people to keep things running smoothly, even with an influx of orders. 

This may mean hiring more employees seasonally. We can help with that! We can offer a strategy session to create a plan for staffing your warehouse or your delivery center. We also offer professional services to help you with back-office work, and our sister company, Raso360 can help ensure your online system is ready for an influx. 


Creating a relationship with a recruiter on the GoDrivers360 team could be extremely beneficial in case you need someone in place immediately. It happens every year around this time; your employees are prepped and ready for the holiday rush, and then someone calls in sick, and the calls keep coming. Get in touch now so you have a plan in place!

Make sure an inventory system is in place

Inventory management is also a common pain point for businesses during the holidays. Make a plan well in advance of Black Friday to do an inventory check well before the holidays begin. This sets a good foundation for the rest of the holiday season. 


Keep track of your customers

The technology team at Raso360 can also help integrate a custom relationship manager (CRM) so that you have a record of all customers from this year’s Black Friday/ Cyber Monday. With this information in your pocket, you can improve your sales for the rest of the year.  

Show your team some holiday appreciation

Working in the warehouse during the holiday rush can be tough. Spend the first few minutes of every shift with a team huddle. Thank your team for their hard work so far and perhaps give out little gifts or awards. Even giving the first choice from a box of donuts to the employee of the day will boost morale for the upcoming day! 

Celebrating the end of Black Friday/ Cyber Monday with a team lunch or happy hour could go a long way to making the rest of your holiday season a little easier. 

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