Sustainability and Emissions Move to the Forefront

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March 29, 2023

Sustainability and Emissions Move to the Forefront

The transportation industry is increasingly prioritizing sustainability and emissions in their future planning in no small part to state and federal regulations. These are the industry updates and some lingering worries from industry leaders about these moves. 

The Clean Freight Coalition

One of the most significant updates for the sustainability movement in the industry is the formation of the Clean Freight Coalition (CFC). CFC comprises prominent organizations in the industry. This includes American Trucking Associations, American Truck Dealers, National Tank Truck Carriers, Truckload Carriers Association, and Truck & Engine Manufacturers Association. 

The Coalition wholly accepts the goal of zero emissions. Its primary purpose is to help inform and educate policymakers on the best ways to go about these lofty aspirations for the trucking industry to continue to thrive. CFC wants the trucking industry to have representation in talks about climate goals. CFC also wants there to be as little supply chain disruption as possible as these goals are trying to be accomplished.

More Innovation Towards Sustainability

Technology continues to develop so the industry can make these advancements towards zero emissions. Of course, there are advancements in electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. These are the most direct technologies that affect the industry and will likely be the primary way to achieve sustainability. There are also technological developments, like predictive maintenance or AI, to optimize routes. These developments seek to increase the productivity and efficiency of the supply chain. This will decrease the time on the road and delays that cost the environment. While these are still in development, they will be how these climate goals are implemented.

Concerns About Cost

One of the most significant and enduring concerns as the industry advances towards sustainability is the cost to companies. While the government has tried to subsidize electric vehicles and clean energy efforts, most expenses will likely fall on the companies themselves. For small companies especially, this is very concerning. It is a massive limiting factor to supporting the efforts towards making trucking sustainable. This is why groups like the CFC are trying to become more involved in the policy-making process, so there is a representation for these companies. With more regulations will come more grants available to companies, likely with a focus on small businesses. 

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